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Maybe you’ve begun your college search. Maybe you’ve even decided upon a list of five or six colleges to which you intend to apply. If not, is a great place to start your research.

Our free college finder and scholarship and financial aid information can help you start generating a list of the colleges and universities that meet your criteria, and when you register for a free account at MyCollegeView, you can enter our drawing to win a $1000 scholarship to the college or university of your choice. Our many college scholarship finder resources provide great advice into scholarships and other sources of financial aid.

College & Scholarship Finder Resources

Applying and being accepted to the college or university of your choice is just one hurdle you’ll encounter; finding a way to pay for your education is another vital component of the process. Our Financial Aid section provides a large number of college scholarship finder resources, including a library of articles written by experts in the financial aid field.

If you’re searching for a college scholarship for a high school senior, our Financial Aid section is a great place to start. We understand that the search for financial aid can be a daunting one, so we’ve collected information and advice from counselors, loan officers, and people who’ve been through the process before and can pass on their experiences to those who are going through the college funding search for the first time. Many of the articles featured at provide helpful links to the various college scholarship finder resources available on the Internet.

In Do Some Digging to Get College Financial Aid, Rose Rennekamp, Vice President of Communications for ACT, provides a lot of crucial information about the many ways to find sources of financial aid and access to a comprehensive Internet college scholarship finder, a free scholarship search tool for the college bound student.

In our Financial Aid section, you’ll also find articles explaining what to look for to confirm your selected college scholarship finder is legitimate, that the free scholarship search being offered isn’t actually promoting and supporting a scam. In her article Avoiding Scholarship Scams: Protecting Yourself and Your Money, author Deborah Hardy lists the ways to detect and avoid a scam, including to beware of any scholarship your college scholarship finder turns up that requires a “processing fee.”

Why would a group or organization that’s giving away money for college require someone pay money to obtain it? Additionally, the word “guarantee” often points to a scholarship scam: there is no guarantee associated with legitimate sources of financial aid. Any reputable college scholarship finder can be a great resource, but we’ll help you learn how to separate actual scholarships from schemes designed to take your money.

More Resources to Complement the College Scholarship Finder

Our many resources can supply you with information that can complement the results returned by your college scholarship finder, painting a complete picture of the college experience.

For instance, you may have found financial aid, secured a college scholarship for a high school senior, but not even have considered what the first year of college life will be like, or how to navigate your first year in the dorms as well as how to avoid or handle the loneliness and homesickness that can sometimes accompany what might be the first time the college-bound student has been away from home. In our Campus Life section, you’ll find a wealth of information and advice about the college experience, how to access resources on campus, how to get involved with student groups, how to balance your coursework with your college social life, and much more.

Our Careers & Majors section is full of helpful information about how to choose your college major and career path, and provides resources and links to great tools that allow the college-bound student to find a career and course of study that best suits him or her.

When you join MyCollegeView, you’ll not only have a chance to win a $1000 scholarship (a great start for a high school senior preparing for college), but you can take advantage of the interest inventory services we offer to help you decide upon a course of study.

Our authors also provide valuable insight into how to research the current and projected job market, employment statistics by city and state, and other information important to making an informed choice regarding a future career. In this section of, you’ll also find articles written by industry representatives, covering topics regarding various career options from their “real world” perspective.

The CollegeView Application Process section contains information about applications timelines, the application itself, the Common Application, the college application essay, and the college interview, written by admissions counselors, faculty members, and other experts.

Among the many resources CollegeView offers to complement the college scholarship finder, our college search tool is the ideal way to get your college research off to a productive start. It provides the ability to search through thousands of colleges and universities nationwide, cross-referencing your search using a number of important variables chosen to help you narrow your search to schools that perfectly suit your needs.

MyCollegeView members can save the results of their research, and request further information from a number of colleges and universities without having to fill out additional forms. Additionally, once you’ve entered your information into MyCollegeView, you’ll benefit from our college recruiting service through which the colleges and universities contact you via email. So take advantage of our college scholarship finder information and all our other great resources, and enjoy this new and exciting journey.


This article was written by Jeff McGuire

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