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Reaching today’s students

The Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) is an interdenominational college ministry organization that works cooperatively with colleges, universities, and churches to help them guide students through these critical years of their lives. As a campus ministry organization, we take seriously the nature of education, students, student life, and the particular relationship of each of these to the Christian faith. We are committed to helping students understand the Lordship of Christ in their lives, especially in the development of a Christian worldview.

This emphasis on applying our Christian faith into every area of life is vividly demonstrated at our Jubilee conference, which takes place every year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, during the last weekend of February. Each year, nearly 1,800 college students from across the nation flock to Pittsburgh to gain insight and encouragement for making a difference in their field of study or future profession. Speakers include business people and professionals addressing topics including art, law, philosophy, sociology, and business. Each speaker addresses these topics from a holistic Christian view of the world, offering insight based on their Christian experience in a particular field.

While students from around the country are invited and encouraged to attend Jubilee, the CCO is committed to a very particular geographical area: our staff are present on campuses in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. In September 2004, we’ll also be moving into New York, with a staff person ministering to students at Elmira College. It is our hope that by limiting the scope of our work, we can increase the effectiveness of our ministry with college students. Since the CCO was established in 1971, we have significantly touched the lives of thousands of college students, many of whom have stayed in the tri-state area in a wide variety of professional roles.

The nature of the CCO is most evident in the cooperative partnerships that we have established with colleges, universities, and churches. Our staff now works as residence hall directors, community service coordinators, athletic coaches, student activities directors, and faculty. We also have campus staff placed in local churches or with community organizations through which they reach out to college and university students. Often these staff members also have responsibility for ministry to youth or to young adults.

For this reason, ministry models differ from campus to campus. Our staff advise fellowship groups and Bible studies, sponsor service projects and mission trips, pursue one-on-one discipleship relationships with students, and share the Gospel message in life-on-life, relevant ways. We live among the students to whom we minister. In this way, we hope that our staff can clearly articulate their faith while also modeling it in service to these students.

To read our statement of faith or to see a complete list of colleges, universities, and churches where the CCO has a presence, please check out our Web site at


This article was written by Amy Maczuzak

Amy Maczuzak is a senior editor at Coalition for Christian Outreach, which is located at 5912 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206.

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