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Leaving the many comforts of home and setting out on one’s own can be a stressful experience. Exposure to new situations, new people, new independence, and the pressures of class can be overwhelming. The Christian college or university can provide an environment that, while helping the Christian student establish his or her independence, can provide an unbroken connection with a faith community in which one can find comfort and a sense of stability.

Search our extensive Christian college directory, consisting of both private Christian college and accredited Christian university listings, to find an institution of higher learning that can support both your academic and spiritual needs.

An Intuitive Christian College Directory

Our advanced Christian college directory allows you to search for schools not only by your religious denomination, but by a number of other important variables. Maybe you’re looking for a private Christian college in a small town near your home, or are looking for the added excitement an accredited Christian university in an urban setting can provide. Whatever your criteria, enter them in our Christian college directory search field, and you’ll be able to hone in on a list of schools that meet your needs.

You’ll find vital information regarding the schools in which you’re interested, such as contact data for both Admissions and Financial Aid, tuition fees, including room and board costs, student body demographics, setting, majors and degrees offered, student life information, and much more. Our handy Christian college directory “Print Keyfacts” feature provides an easy means to print the vital information on each school. In addition, once you’ve registered with MyCollegeView, you’ll be able to save the results of your searches and access your accumulated information whenever needed.

Advisors generally recommend that before you decide which school you plan to attend, you visit a number of campuses to get an idea of the atmosphere, class sizes, and to talk to faculty, administration, and other students. Our Christian college directory is the perfect tool to use to develop a list of colleges that you might be interested in visiting, then put together an itinerary for your college tour.

Private Christian College vs. Accredited Christian University

Before you begin your search through our extensive Christian college directory, there are a variety of factors to consider. For example, what sort of college are you looking for? The private Christian college is generally a smaller school, which offers more opportunity for one-on-one interaction with both professors and administrators. Many students prefer a smaller population and its increasingly familiar faces.

For some students, however, this may be unfavorable, and in this case, those individuals might be better served by the generally larger accredited Christian university. A larger student body allows for interaction with a more diverse group of students and exposure to new points of view, as well as the opportunity to learn about life experiences different from their own. Whichever suits you best, however, you can enter your search criteria and develop a list of schools from our Christian college directory.

A Host of Resources for the College-Bound Christian Student

In addition to our Christian college directory, you’ll find a number of great resources at From testimonials from the Christian students who have “been there before,” to advice from college administrators and faculty, to inspirational stories of other individuals, you can discover the experiences from both the private Christian college and the accredited Christian university.

You will also be able to access a wealth of information about financial aid, the admissions process, the college interview, choosing a major and future career, and much more. Our Christian college directory can help you choose the right college or university, and the rest of our information will help you get through the application procedure and give you advice on how to construct a timeline or schedule for what can sometimes be an overwhelming conglomeration of different deadlines.

Included in this information are suggestions about how to navigate the college interview as well as a financial aid section which will provide great advice for how to pay for college (always an important consideration).

Take the First Step with our Christian College Directory

Once you have used our Christian college directory to construct a list of the colleges you would like to visit, it’s time to contact them for information. Don’t be satisfied with the information you glean from the various brochures and videos schools send you. It is important to put together a list of questions and schedule some time to talk to administrators and faculty to obtain the answers.

Getting in touch with both current students and alumni can give you a great idea about the school’s atmosphere and student life. The most important consideration to keep in mind, however, is what feels right to you. Listen to both your head and your heart, and remember, much of college is what you make of it. Besides useful tools like our Christian college directory, tools that help you begin this new journey in your life, you’ll find that you have internal tools that come from your upbringing and your spiritual community that empower you to make important decisions and navigate “bends in the road,” throughout college and beyond.

These are the first steps toward what should be an exciting and rewarding experience. Be sure to enjoy and appreciate each and every one.

College-Bound Student Information

CollegeView offers an extensive amount of valuable information and resources for the college-bound student. Please follow these links to discover how we can help you in your choice for an educational pathway:


This article was written by Jeff McGuire


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    Looking for a Christian school with a nearby water ski team. Any suggestions?

  2. James Gentes

    Heidi: Take a look at Gutenberg College ( in the Northwest!

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    Looking for a christian university that will take 10 minutes to get there. Any advices?

  4. Marquisha Oliver

    Oh! By the way I mean in memphis tn

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