Choosing a Major in College

Why should YOU go to college?

Choosing a major in college is an important decision, and not one to take lightly—the choices you make now can effect the career choices you will have after graduation, so take advantage of the vast resources available to you. There are a variety of materials designed to help you when choosing a major in college so that when you graduate, you will feel confident that you made the right choices for your career.

Pick a College Major with the Right Information

I’ve been there—choosing a major in college can be overwhelming! CollegeView provides the information college students, or soon-to-be college students need to make knowledgeable choices about their careers. When the time comes for you to pick a college major, take some time to explore available resources and gain some important insight about choosing a major in college. Register to receive additional information through your e-mail, or visit CollegeView’s Student Lounge to read about the experiences of other students and how they went about choosing a major in college.

When you take advantage of CollegeView’s resources, you will find information about a variety of schools and the majors they offer—thus helping you when choosing a major in college. If you are in the process of choosing a major in college, using these resources can help you make a wise and educated decision. Covering a variety of career fields, schools, and other important information, you are sure to find helpful information that will be useful in your decision-making process.

Why Should You go to College?

As we move forward, it is becoming more and more important to have a college degree under your belt—another reason to start thinking about choosing a major in college. As the job market becomes more competitive, companies are requiring more qualifications from their applicants—this is an important reason why you should go to college and pick a college major that suits your strengths, personality, and interests.

So why should you go to college? Because if you want to open up a wealth of opportunities for yourself as you begin your career, it is important that you make yourself as marketable as possible – by choosing a major in college that best suits you, as well as involving yourself in extra curricular activities, leadership roles, and more. Choosing a major in college will allow you to begin building your resume.

Consider these Aspects when Choosing a Major in College

As you begin looking into choosing a major in college, please ask yourself a few questions before you pick a college major:

  • Do you work well with people and thrive in a busy, fast paced environment?
  • Do your strengths lie in computers and technology?
  • Is it imperative that you work in a field where you are able to help people?
  • Do you enjoy hands-on work?
  • Would you like to work outdoors?
  • Do you enjoy working with children?
  • Would you like to travel?
  • Do you want to live in a city or a rural area?
  • Would you like to work with animals?
  • and others…

These are all important questions that you need to ask yourself as you begin choosing a major in college.

Choosing a major in college and ultimately deciding on the type of field that you go into could determine what college you end up attending. It is important to take into consideration the cost of attending different colleges, the area in which each college is located, the social environment of the college, and what additional extra-curricular services are offered at each school. Most importantly, though, is making sure that you are choosing a major in college that suits you and is something you can see yourself doing for years to come.

Choosing a Major in College Now—Your Right to Choose!

At CollegeView, you can find a lot of information that will help you not only pick a college major, but will also answer why you should go to college, how you can make it financially, how to begin choosing a major in college, and more. I suggest that you begin by simply browsing the site to find out everything that it has to offer. If you need specific information, you can choose one of the following topics:

My final piece of advice is to make this decision on your own. You are the one who has to live with these choices for the rest of your life, so make them count. Choosing a major in college that coincides with your beliefs, interests, and strengths is important. So, why should you go to college? I will simply say that with a college degree, you are vastly increasing your employability and opportunities. Good luck!

College-Bound Student Information

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This article was written by Jeff McGuire


  1. AmyLou

    Another very important factor when choosing a major is how much it will cost and how much income you can reasonably expect to earn with your degree. This important factor is often overlooked to the detriment of the student’s financial future!

  2. If you end up searching for job a good potential employer will search for self-confidence and above all in addition believe that you’re capable of doing the position

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