Campuses Make Keeping in Touch Easier than Ever

Schools begin to offer cell phone plans to students

Gone are the days of college long distance calling plans. Students no longer need to remember their access codes or worry about dividing the long distance bill at the end of each month. Students now have new options—options that are much more accommodating to their busy lives. Today, colleges and universities are making it easier than ever for students to keep in touch with each other and their friends and families at home.

Marshall University, Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and State University of New York at Albany are just a few of the schools making the switch. Colleges and universities began realizing that long distance calling services no longer generated the revenue that they once did. For example, according to USA Today‘s article "Colleges catch cell phone wave," Miami University lost about $300,000 in phone revenue during the 2001-02 school year when 130,000 fewer long-distance calls were made from on-campus phone lines.

As the number of students on campuses with cell phones began to increase, the number of long-distance calls on the university phone plans dramatically decreased. Therefore, schools began examining the possibility of offering cellular phone plans in an attempt to meet students’ demands and possibly even create a new source of revenue.

Companies such as CampusCell have made the switch an easy one. The companies partner with universities and colleges to develop a plan in which schools can generate revenue from subscribers. Students, faculty, staff, and even alumni are encouraged to use the school’s cell phone plans. And with the help of these companies, schools are able to offer a variety of plans to their participants—CampusCell even has a plan starting as low as $22.99 a month.

So if your parents are worried about keeping in touch with you as you head off to college or if you already are an avid cell phone user and haven’t even thought about what to do about your phone plan when you head off to school, don’t fret. Schools are making it easy for you to keep in touch, offering plans to suit you lifestyle. Be sure to check with your college or university in advance to explore all of their phone plans and find the one that is perfect for you.


This article was written by Trisha Webb

Trisha Webb is a former staff editor for Trisha writes extensively on the topic of undergraduate studies and the college search process.

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