Best Holiday Gifts by College Major

gift_wrap-600x600Stumped on what to buy for your current or soon-to-be college student? No worries! We scoured a variety of sources to find a good mix of practical and “just for fun” gifts for the top 10 current college majors (according to USA Today). And remember, if you can’t score one of these major-ly awesome gifts this holiday season, there’s always graduation!

Business majors

- Air travel pillow, wifi hotspot, or health and beauty aids to ease the stress and exhaustion of constant business travel.
- High-end business cards, or the purchased services of a designer/printer your student can consult with to create their own.
- One or more articles of “statement” clothing to wear on those early business trips—tailored suit, quality computer bag, stylish eyewear, etc.

Psychology majors

- Funny T-shirts and posters with psychology-related messages. Our personal favorite: anything “Pink Freud.” (Just Google it; it’s exactly what it sounds like.)
- Subscription to Psychology Today magazine to stay ahead of the curve on current psychology news.
- A fancy desk copy of the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders—otherwise known as the psychology bible.

Nursing majors

- Comfortable shoes to help minimize muscle aches after a double shift spent traversing miles of hospital corridors.
- Trendy supply bag (maybe in their school colors?) to organize stethoscopes and other tools.
- Personalized hand-sanitizer bottles, ID badge reels, and fun accessories with initials or stress-relieving expressions.

Biology majors

- Interesting nonfiction books about noteworthy biologists and current science topics.
- Gifts that appeal to the inner geek: Think Miracle Berries and at-home DNA genotyping kits.
- Tickets to the local science museum or an upcoming speaker/event/workshop.

Teacher Education majors

- Those soothing “Keep Calm”-themed posters, because if anyone needs a calming mantra it’s a busy student-teacher.
- DIY classroom decorations and personal items like this sweet personalized coffee sleeve!
- Donations made in their name to an education cause they’re passionate about, because at the end of the day, teachers are all about promoting good in the world.

Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement majors

- Multi-tool pocket knife, compact flashlight, quality wristwatch, sturdy belts/footwear, and other tools for managing unpredictable day-to-day responsibilities.
- Blackout shades, ear plugs, eyes masks, white noise machines—anything to help enable sleep for those early 4 a.m. shifts.
- Coffee mugs, posters, and T-shirts bearing funny slogans to ease stress and promote a good sense of humor in a tough job.

Accounting majors

- Anything featuring an abacus. The world’s most recognized symbol of accounting never goes out of style.
- High-quality leather briefcase or satchel so they can enter the working world with panache.
- Help with online/Web presence to market skills and amass a client base as quickly as possible.

Liberal Arts & Sciences/Humanities majors

- Air travel vouchers to help your globally conscious student explore divergent cultures and customs.
- A single-serve coffeemaker to enable said world-travel. Actually, now that we think about it, this gift is good for any student.
- Though particularly useful for art students, a professional-grade portfolio is great for organizing writing samples, updated résumés, and other important forms.

English/Literature majors

- A cool scanner pen that delivers printed text to a laptop or mobile device—perfect for compulsive note-takers.
- Gym membership or piece of exercise equipment to avoid atrophied limbs while cooped up for weeks on end with a stack of texts. (Warning: This gift may not be the best idea for those who are weight-sensitive…know your undergrad!)
- Books, books, and more books. Buy your liberal arts major a bookstore gift card, an e-book device, or a subscription to an audio-book service. This major comes with a lot of required reading…and it’s not always cheap.

History majors

- Tickets for a guided tour of a nearby landmark or historical reenactment.
- Items of historical significance: reclaimed wood from a demolished courthouse, antique household items, military artifacts, etc.
- Framed maps from different eras to give your history buff a visual (and stylish) reminder of their place in time.


This article was written by Hannah Purnell

Hannah Purnell is a staff writer for Hannah writes extensively on the topic of undergraduate studies and the college search process.


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