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The Greatest Among You: The importance of getting involved on campus

The importance of getting involved on campus

Colleges offer students all sorts of new, wonderful experiences that help them explore their dreams, passions, and abilities and help them make sense of that self-discovery process within the context of an expanding (and refining) worldview.  Read More…



Will Penner has been a teacher, coach, and principal of public and private junior and senior high schools; he’s served as a youth pastor and music minister at Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian churches; and he attended Texas Tech, Baylor, and Vanderbilt Universities. Will and his wife are currently the volunteer youth pastors at Westview United Methodist Church in Fairview, Tennessee; he’s a freelance writer and popular speaker at youth leader training events and youth retreats, camps, and conferences; and he’s the editor of YouthWorker Journal, a publication for Christian youth ministers.