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AP Credit: A Resource Worth Checking Out

Be prepared for the college workload

If you want to make the most of your high school career and possibly earn college credit before you even begin to think about where you want to attend college, then advanced placement credit might be perfect for you.  Read More…


CCNY: The City College of New York

An old school with new ideas

City College (CCNY) is an old school with new ideas. Founded in 1847, we take pride in our future, eagerly embracing the present and riding the cutting edge of the future.   Read More…


Campuses Make Keeping in Touch Easier than Ever

Schools begin to offer cell phone plans to students

Gone are the days of college long distance calling plans. Students no longer need to remember their access codes or worry about dividing the long distance bill at the end of each month.   Read More…


York University

York University thrives on international connections

York University offers international students a truly multicultural, interdisciplinary, Canadian experience.  Read More…


To Declare or Not to Declare…That Is the Question

The benefits of picking a college major and beginning your college education undecided

Importance of Picking a College Major After Starting Your Education

Discover the benefits of picking a college major after already selecting your courses. Visit for helpful information on choosing a major in college.  Read More…


Preparing Early for the Job Market

Tips for getting a jumpstart on your career

Preparing Early for the Job Market & Getting a Jumpstart on Your Career

Staying Professional throughout Your College Career  Read More…

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