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Finding the Right Fit: Your College-Bound Teen and College

Helping your student find the perfect college

Help Your College-Bound Teen Find the Perfect College

The quest to find the perfect college can be a daunting task. offers free advice, a free college locator and other great tools and resources for college-bound teens.  Read More…

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Making the Most of a College Tour

Gather as much information as possible while on campus

One of the first major decisions for a young person is selecting a college, and it shouldn’t be made solely on information such as the school’s reputation, a guidebook, or a Web site. A campus tour should be part of college research, so it’s important to gather as much information as possible.  Read More…


Help Your Student Survive the First Year of College

Encouraging them through the toughest of times

There are several things you can do to help your student make a successful transition to college.  Read More…

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Do Some Digging to Get College Financial Aid

Do Some Digging to Get College Financial Aid offers helpful tips on how to obtain financial aid for a higher education, including college scholarships, grants, loans, and work opportunities.  Read More…


How am I Going to Pay for a College Education?

College Financial Aid, Grant & Scholarship Information from

Wondering about how to pay for college? Find great financial aid, grant, and scholarship information to help ease your fears at  Read More…


“I can’t afford college” and Other Financial Aid & Grant Myths

College Financial Aid & Grant Myths & College-Bound Loan Tips

Find the truth behind common college financial aid and grant myths, advice for avoiding scholarship scams, as well as tips for obtaining college-bound loans. Visit today.  Read More…


Finding the Right Fit: Your Teen and College

Find a college that meets the academic, social, and career goals of your student

Finding a college that’s the “right fit” isn’t always easy. This articles outlines some ways you can help your teen find their way to the right school.  Read More…



Rose Rennekamp is the chairman of the board for the Iowa College Access Network and the former vice president of communications for ACT. She is a mom and has a Master of Education in guidance and counseling.