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Providing Help With Exam Stress

Find useful advice to help your new student deal with exam-time stress at college. Visit today.

Find useful advice to help your new student deal with exam-time stress at college. Visit today.  Read More…

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Core Courses

Fulfilling your degree requirements

While college is certainly a time to explore your interests by taking classes in a variety of subjects and disciplines, few schools will allow you to graduate simply by enrolling in courses of your own choosing.  Read More…


Getting Involved Off Campus

Giving back to the community

While your college or university probably offers more than enough groups and activities to keep you busy for the duration of your stay at school, sometimes it’s nice to get a change of scenery and a break from college life. Becoming active in the community outside your school offers many benefits while allowing you to give back to the community you call home.   Read More…


Playing Sports When You’re Not Recruited

Just because you weren't recruited doesn't mean you can't play

Whether you’re just finishing high school or transferring from a community college, the following steps can help you become a walk-on player in the sport you love and earn the designation of student-athlete.  Read More…

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Religious Opportunities on Campuses

Schools meet the spiritual needs of their students

No matter what type of school you attend, college life brings with it many changes. That’s why many students turn to their faith and seek out religious organizations on campus. These groups also offer the chance to deepen your faith, explore new practices and principles, or simply meet other students with similar backgrounds and beliefs.   Read More…


Spend a Semester at Sea

Take classes on the open sea and explore the ports along the way

If traditional study abroad programs seem too tame for you, how about taking courses with the rolling sea as your background and foreign lands as your classrooms? Educational programs that take place on a ship at sea are a popular way to learn about distant lands and cultures while earning credit and having a truly unique experience.  Read More…


Study Abroad Programs Outside of Your University

What to do if your school doesn't have a study-abroad program

Studying abroad can be one of the most enriching aspects of your college career. Beyond earning academic credit, you’ll broaden your perspectives, gain independence, learn about new cultures, and have an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.  Read More…


Understanding College Financial Aid & Grant Packages

Outlining the types and amount of financial assistance that you receive

College Financial Aid & Grant Tips, Types and Information

Make sure you understand the types of college financial aid and grant assistance you receive. Visit today to learn how to make paying for college easier.  Read More…


What Is the Work-Study Program?

Discover how work-study can benefit you

Work-Study Program for College-Bound Students

Many students rely on the popular Federal Work-Study Program to help pay their school expenses. Discover how work-study can benefit you.  Read More…



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