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Freshman Advice for Adjusting to College Dorm Life

Sharing your space, shower, laundry facility, and more

Learn what to expect during your first year of college dorm life. offers free advice to help make adjusting to college life easier.  Read More…


Meeting New People

Finding friends you'll have forever

If you are scared because you’re beginning college in a new town away from family and friends, don’t be. College is a great place to meet new people and build some of the greatest relationships.   Read More…


College Dorm Life — Sharing a Room

Preparing to share your space and your stuff for the first time

Adjusting to College Dorm Life — College Dorm Life — Sharing a Room

Adjusting to college dorm life can be an overbearing situation. Find helpful advice for sharing a room, your space and more by visiting today.  Read More…


What to Bring to College — Your Dorm Room Checklist

Helping you pack an essential supply for your first year of college dorm life

Before running out to the nearest store to purchase supplies, use this handy dorm room checklist to help you decide what to bring to college.  Read More…


What to Expect When You Arrive at College

Getting acquainted with your surroundings and adjusting to college life

Adjusting to College Life — College Freshman Advice from

Moving away from home and adjusting to college and dorm life can be overwhelming. offers helpful advice to make the transition easier.  Read More…


Dollars and Cents: Choosing Cost-Effective Higher Education

With affordable tuition, and ample financial aid available, two year community colleges offer a great alternative to college-bound students.  Read More…

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Megan O’Leary-Buda holds a master’s degree in higher education administration from The University of Akron. She works at Quinnipiac University as the assistant director of residential life.