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College-Bound Student Information

Free information for the college-bound teen and returning student

Discover essential information for any college-bound student, including advice written by experts on campus safety, financial aid, career planning, and other items of concern for those on their way to college.  Read More…


College Finder

Try our free college, university, and community college finder

Need help finding a school that matches you? Read about our college finder, which provides access to information about thousands of schools nationwide, using a number of different criteria important to you.   Read More…


College Locator Tool

Find the perfect college by major, location, size and more

Read about this free, easy-to-use college locator, which provides the opportunity to search thousands of colleges and universities nationwide using a number of variables, so you can easily find a college by major and generate a list of institutions that will meet your academic requirements.  Read More…

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College Recruiting Service

Learn about our free college recruiting and referral service

If you’ve begun the search for a college or university that meets your requirements, you know that the task can be a daunting one. Join MyCollegeView to take part in our free college recruiting and referral service. Find the perfect school, or have the school find you.  Read More…

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College Search Tool

Search for a college by degree, location, size, private vs. public college and more

Our free college search tool lets you select from a variety of criteria to help find the right school for you. Try it today.  Read More…


College Selection Guide

Find the perfect school for you through our college-bound selection service

Our college selection guide is a free service for college-bound students that allows you to search through thousands of colleges using specified criteria.  Read More…

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How to Write a College Recommendation

Help in writing a college recommendation letter

Need help writing a college recommendation letter? Learn how write to the perfect recommendation with’s smart letter-writing tips.  Read More…


Christian College Directory

Find both private Christian college & accredited Christian university info

The Christian college or university can provide an environment that, while helping the Christian student establish his or her independence, can provide an unbroken connection with a faith community in which one can find comfort and a sense of stability.  Read More…


Specific College Search

Find the perfect college for you

When searching for a college, there are certain factors you should look into to see if it’s a right fit. This article outlines these factors and how to determine if a school is for you.  Read More…

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Top College List

Narrowing down your top college list

Narrow down your list of top colleges by reviewing these factors that are important in deciding which college is the best fit for you.  Read More…