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College Majors

Perform a college majors search to find the right school for you

Begin your college majors search and get off to a strong and knowledgeable start. A search for colleges by major will help you determine which schools offer which programs.  Read More…

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Ways to Pay for College

Cost-saving tips before and during college

Discover different ways to pay for college along with money saving tips for students at, your source for comprehensive college information and resources.  Read More…


Scholarship Scams

Raising money for college while avoiding common scholarship scams

Spotting common scholarship scams is an important lesson for a college-bound student. Learn how to avoid scams while finding different ways to pay for college at  Read More…


Prepare for College

How to prepare for the college transition


Learn how to prepare for college with helpful advice and resources from CollegeView. Search for college scholarships, prepare for dorm life, find application tips and more.  Read More…


College Admission Essay Advice to Help You Stand Out

College admission essay advice to help you stand out

Need tips on how to write a college admission essay? Visit for essential college admission advice!  Read More…


Hispanic College & University Search

Find the perfect Hispanic college for you

Are you targeting your search to a Hispanic college or university? Learn about Hispanic business college and liberal arts opportunities at  Read More…


Free College Scholarship & Grant Search

Our search service and advice for funding your higher education

Find free college scholarship and grant search advice to help you fund your higher education. Visit for tips on where to search and how to avoid scholarship scams.  Read More…

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Free College Scholarship Search

Our free service and tips on where to search and how to avoid scams

Find helpful advice to assist you during your free college scholarship search, including online resources, tips on avoiding scams, and more. Visit today.  Read More…


FAFSA & the Financial Aid Application Process

What to expect when filing the FAFSA for financial aid

By understanding the types of FAFSA aid available, you can be more prepared for the FAFSA financial aid application process. Visit to learn about ways to pay for college.  Read More…


Dorm Room Supply & Essentials

What to bring and how to adjust

Dormitory life is an adjustment. From the right dorm room supply items to essential ground rules, communication and planning are key. Learn more at today.  Read More…