Articles by Crystal Conde

Absorbing the Shock

Dealing with the transition between schools

Some students have difficulty adapting to new surroundings after transferring to a university, also known as transfer shock, which could affect you if your new university fails to support you properly during the transition. Review this advice to ensure that your academic performance doesn’t suffer and that you find your niche at a new school.  Read More…


Dining on Campus the Gourmet Way

School meals aren't what they used to be

Fortunately for you and for other high school students who will soon be venturing off to college, dining services are offering gourmet options in an effort to woo prospective students and to cater to those currently enrolled.  Read More…


Here’s to Your Health Insurance

University health plans, student health centers, insurance plans, and more

The good news: many colleges and universities have prepaid health plans to cover the cost of some immunizations and lab work, check-ups, and routine exams. But you will probably need health insurance not provided by your school for visits to the emergency room, urgent care facilities, and for hospitalization. Before you head off to college, be sure you’ve investigated your options for coverage.   Read More…


No Ordinary Courses

Interested in studying walking, soap operas, Elvis, or Star Trek?

Your class schedule will include general-education classes and those related directly to your major. But on today’s campus you’ll find more unusual course offerings, as well.   Read More…


Purchasing Power on Campus

Beware of the credit card trap

You should understand that credit cards, when used properly, are an effective means for building a good credit history. But when used carelessly and irresponsibly, credit cards may do more harm than good—you may find you’re in debt and the victim of a bad credit report for years following graduation.   Read More…


Welcome to the Real World

Current events inspire new courses at universities

Since September 11, 2001, college students have voiced a desire for institutions of higher learning to add courses about international relations, terrorism, war, and the Middle East—courses that address current events and present global perspectives—to their program offerings. Many colleges have answered the request. Below is a sampling of university courses that cover these topics.   Read More…


Why Get an MBA?

An MBA program might be in your future and you can start planning now

The MBA experience is personally fulfilling and enables students to realize their career goals.   Read More…


The Lowdown on College Loans

Know your financial obligations

Get the lowdown on college loans at Discover helpful tips on repaying borrowed money for college tuition, FAFSA advice, financial aid options, and more.  Read More…



Crystal Conde is a freelance writer from Austin, Texas.