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College Admission Interviews: Putting You with Your Name

Your chance to stand out from thousands of other applicants

College Admission Recruitment Interviews — Tips & Advice to Stand Out From Other Applicants

Stand out from thousands of other applicants during your college admission recruitment interview. Find helpful tips and advice at today.  Read More…


Seeing Beyond the College Brochure

Don't just rely on Web sites and literature—experience campus for yourself

While college brochures and websites are incredibly helpful to students in their college search, it is extremely important for students to visit prospective schools to get a true feel of what each has to offer.   Read More…

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Putting Together the Application Puzzle

Acing the College Application — Info on College Admission, Deadlines & More

A big part of acing the college application is knowing all of its components. Find helpful college application tips and more at  Read More…


Understanding Early Admissions Programs and Policies

How they benefit you and the school

Early College Admissions Programs & Policies

Early admissions programs are becoming more prevalent, but they may be the most enticing and confusing part of the college admissions process. The benefits, requirements, and definition of terms for these programs vary from school to school, so it is  Read More…


Academics and Athletics

Balancing your athletic and academic responsibilities

If you are one of the lucky few who can take their passion to the next level, it will be a challenge to strike a balance between athletics and academics, but a worthwhile one.   Read More…


Your Academic Advisor

Guiding you through your academic career

There are many people to help you acclimate to your new surroundings. Your academic advisor will be one of these helpful people.   Read More…


Adjusting to College Life — Balancing Freedom with Responsibility

Freshman advice for finding help on campus

Adjusting to College Life — Freshman Advice for Finding Help on Campus offers freshman advice for finding help on campus. Visit our site today for information to help make adjusting to college life easier.  Read More…


Student Mentors

Helping first-year students and upperclassmen through college

Starting college can be exciting, overwhelming, and challenging. Because students come from different areas and diverse backgrounds, universities work hard to help students adjust to their new surroundings.  Read More…


Study Abroad Choices

Which study abroad program is right for you?

Studying abroad is an opportunity to see beyond what a tourist sees and understand another country’s culture, economy, and people, all while learning about yourself. Before you pack your bags, there is a lot to consider.  Read More…


Study Abroad and Learn about a Country, Its People, and You

Make the most of your study abroad experience

Studying abroad can be an exciting part of any college career. It is an opportunity to see beyond what a tourist usually sees and understand another country’s culture, economy, and people  Read More…



Ann Bezbatchenko earned a master's degree from The Catholic University of America, where she worked as the assistant director of graduate admissions. She currently works for Loyola University Chicago as the director of graduate and professional enrollment management.