A Student’s Take: Unwinding Techniques to Combat College Stress

In this feature, “A Student’s Take,” real-life students share perspective on everything from campus finances to diversity in the college classroom.

Now that you are about halfway through the semester, the stress of your first year of college is probably beginning to set in. Tests, quizzes, papers, and projects are starting to pile up, and you are realizing that college is not all fun and games. Although it can be overwhelming, through experience I have discovered a few ways to unwind:

• Exercise

This might seem cliché, but working out gives you some alone time to escape from everyone and all of the work that has to be done. It will give you more energy to accomplish more the rest of the day.

• Plan a movie night

Planning a movie night with a group of friends ahead of time will give you something to look forward to. When you are busy, it feels like the amount of items on your to-do list will never end. This gives you a night to look forward to during a long week.

• Volunteer

Volunteering for the community or an organization is a great way to get rid of stress. Helping others can make you realize that your problems are not so bad, and it will feel rewarding to give back.

• Treat yourself

Do something you wouldn’t normally do by treating yourself every once in a while. Buy the shirt you see in the window of your favorite store, get that extra scoop of ice cream after dinner, or take a study break to call a friend. Little things like these will break up the monotony of the week and get you motivated to keep going.

Hard work has to come with a little bit of fun and relaxation. You deserve a break from school, work, and organizations. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, use these tips to get rid of your stress! They help me, and they can help you, too!


This article was written by Annie Beard

Annie Beard is a junior at Ohio University, where she plays varsity soccer and studies in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She is a dog lover, coffee fanatic, and writing enthusiast.

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