3 Crucial Study-Organization Tools

apply-onlineWhen attempting to study or review for an exam, the Internet can swiftly become a deterrent. From social media to Reddit or memes to GIFs, online distractions can seem endless—and far more entertaining than your textbook. But if you use it wisely, the Internet can also serve as one of your biggest academic assets. The three tools below are just a few of the many resources that you can access online for greater study success.

1. StudyBlue

StudyBlue is available online, as well as on Android and iOS (iPad and iPhone). This platform allows you to create flashcards from the content you’re studying. Once you enter the pertinent information, StudyBlue can generate flashcards, lists, quizzes, and review sheets. It tracks your right and wrong answers, and it can even provide you with progress reports to inform your future sessions. Categorize your study materials by specific classes, share your information with your friends, and store it for future exams. StudyBlue also syncs with Evernote, which is another wonderful resource because …

2. Evernote

If you are the sort of student who takes copious notes, Evernote may be an extremely helpful platform. Evernote—a virtual notebook—can catalog handwritten information, photographs, typed text, and voice recordings. If you use a touch pad, you can record your notes with the press of a finger. You can even edit your notes, tag them, and insert comments. Evernote allows you to categorize your notes by course, date, subject matter, and more. Your course content is available at any time, anywhere—safe in the cloud.

3. Duolingo

If you’re often on the go, but also trying to learn a second language, consider Duolingo. Like StudyBlue, Duolingo is available on mobile devices as well as online—and its features are dazzling. Its various levels introduce you to vocabulary and grammatical constructions by speaking to you, asking you to write for yourself, and recording your voice to gauge how well you can pronounce terms. You can gain proficiency in French, German, Spanish, etc., and your progress reports will boost your enthusiasm and motivation by helping you maintain awareness of your position within the Duolingo curriculum.

Regardless of the specific online study tool you ultimately choose, focusing on the task at hand while sitting online is often quite a struggle. Reviewing requires a great deal of willpower, but these three tools can help you move past the distractions and accomplish your academic goals.


This article was written by Caleb Zimmerman

Caleb Zimmerman is a professional writing and test-prep tutor for Varsity Tutors. He graduated from The King's College in New York City in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in politics, philosophy, and economics.

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