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Application Process
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Seeing a school can help narrow a student?s top choices and ultimately, provide information that will prove helpful when completing the applications and essays. But what you do while at the school is equally important. Here are 10 tips that will get you on the right track.  
After standardized tests, campus tours, and applications, you're probably ready for the college admissions drill to end. But now another important phase of the admissions process begins. Here are several factors to weigh as you navigate this difficult decision.  
Even after you decide on a particular college, many unforeseen factors can encourage or force you to change your mind. Whatever the reason, keep the following in mind if you have to make a last-minute change.  
People often ask independent college counselor Lisa Mader what she would do if it were her son applying to college. Now that she's actually going through the college search process as a parent herself, she is chronicling her experience to provide tips (and laughs) for other parents on the same journey.  
For a busy student who values a good night?s rest (as all students should!), the suggestion that entrepreneurial projects can boost your college application may seem vaguely scary, but think of these as a respite from academic work and an opportunity to try out a new pastime.